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From aircraft to drones. Our trainers are high experienced professionals from civil aviation. Training is provided mainly in Finnish language – English and other languages by request. For more information and contact

Course 1: Basic UAS knowledge

Theoretical training of 4 hours gives student basic understanding about main drone aviation topics. The goal is to show students the simplified version of complex aviation world. After course student can easily learn more via self-study. Training is designed for beginners.Course lessons: Aviation law, Weather, Flight operation, Radio systems, GPS and Risk Assessment.

Examination: NO

Price: 75€ with VAT

More info and binding registration not later than two weeks before the course starts:

Course 2: Professional UAS pilot training 

Two days theoretical training and one day practical training (3 x 8hrs = total 24 hrs) is designed for professional’s to get necessary aviation knowledge for safe flight operation. Insurance companies require often evidence about received training. Also the customers want that their drone operators and service providers are fully capable to operate safe and according to regulations. Course fits well for everybody that is operating on commercial bases or wants to operate in professional way. Course syllabus is approved by certain insurance companies.

Theoretical course lessons: National and international laws and regulations, Navigation, Meteorology, Principles of flights, Airworthiness, Radiosystems and GPS and Safety Management

Practical course lessons: Flight preparation, Starting / stopping engine and systems, Compass calibration, Take-off, Control equipment in space (orientation of the vehicle), Vehicle auxiliary functions, Landing. Please notice that practical training is done with your own drone.

Examination: YES – minimum 75% must be approved   

Price: 550€ (for EU countries customers VAT 0 %)

More info and registration not later than two weeks before the course starts:

Course 3: Restricted aviation radiotelephony operator’s license

Two days training (16 hrs) is designed for persons to get approval to use aviation radios and frequencies. Student will get official certificate to apply official certificate to use Finnish language in radio communication.

Course lessons: Electrical and radio systems, Aircraft’s electrical system, Use of equipment, Conditions for radio connection and factors affecting them, Most common malfunctions and defects, Regulation concerning radio equipment and their use, Aeronautical messages and message trafic, Management of radio communications, Content of messages, Emergency, search and rescue messages, ICAO the terms and abbreviations as well as the alphabet and numbers. Practical training of radio communications between aircraft and aircraft or air traffic control.

Examination: YES –  minimum 75% must be approved 

Price: 250€ (incl. VAT 24%) 

Combine your own training

You may combine any lessons we have and study subjects you need. For example if you need more detailed training in Flight planning and Meteorology, you choose just those two lessons and create own 4hrs course. Our offer for any 4 hrs combination is 95€ (incl. 24%vat)