UAS Centre Finland has established a partnership with RENOMIA insurance broker. RENOMIA is able to provide Drone Hull and Liability insurance for Finnish operators in Finland and in Europe. This unique cooperation gives UAS Centre a possibility to provide a greater variety of services to our customers.


Registered Basic conditions for drone insurance:

-Operator and the drone are registered into CAA Finland database

-Drones are used for commercial operation or aerial work or other way professiona


First step towards getting the insurance is to contact us via online form below or via email. After that, we will send you the Insurance Application Form to get all necessary information about your drone, pilots, operations etc. Please send the filled Insurance Application Form to us and we will forward it to Renomia.

Insurer requires a proven level of knowledge about drone operations and aviation. That means certificate from our Course 2: Professional UAS pilot training. Training certificate has to be attached to the application form.

Read more about the training HERE. UAS Centre is organizing Course 2 Professional UAS pilot training approximately once a month. If you are interested about price for insurance before attending training please send us form below and we will send you an insurance offer.

WHY THE INSURER REQUIRES Course 2: Professional UAS pilot training

The main reason is that there is no official drone pilot licence available in Finland. The insurer wants to be sure that pilot is trained to have reasonable level of knowledge about all aviation and drone related issues. Training will increase safety in operation and reduce the risk of incidents and accidents. Course 2 syllabus is created in co-operation with RENOMIA and the Insurer. Course has theoretical and practical part including exams and its total duration is 23 hours. If you have a valid pilot licence, we are able to consider some exemptions. After student has passed the training successfully, student receives a Certificate as proven level of knowledge. Theory part validation shall be renewed every year via one hour refreshment training.


The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) published a proposal to regulate the operation of small drones in Europe. Please see proposal HERE. Decision about final version of Regulation will be decided in second quarter 2019. The new rules are proposed to be applicable 2 and/or 3 years after adoption of the Regulation by the European Commission. Students attended our Course 2: Professional UAS pilot training will later have the opportunity to update their knowledge in order to obtain a LUC ( Light UAS Operator Certificate ), once the rules have entered into force. UAS Centre Finland follows EASA regulation and will keep you updated of any changes and existing rules.


UAS Centre Finland is insured for Aviation premises, Hangar keepers and Product liability insurance covering also drone training.

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