All our training instructors have a wide background in aviation. UAS Centre offers short four hours drone course to reach basic understanding about flight operations, duties and responsibilities. Three day long course is for professional pilots. Our courses take place at company office at Nummela. Flight activity will be arranged at local airfield.

For completed studies, all students get a certificate as a proof of the training. That makes possible to apply hull insurance for your UAV system.


Operating a drone belongs under aviation so third party liability insurance is recommended. In commercial operations it is mandatory. Having a hull insurance for UAV systems as like aircraft hull insurance is now possible. UAS Centre, in collaboration with international insurance broker RENOMIA, offers now insurance for private and commercial drone operators in Finland. Insurance is valid in all EU countries.

Other Services&Sales

- Airspace reservations

- Flight planning

- Design organisation services (DOA)

- Risk assessment

- Operational audit

- Technical evaluation

- CAA manuals and documentations


- Drone log books

We believe that drones will have a big role in the future even in the everyday life of common people. Today drones are used for example for photographing, video shooting, monitoring, agriculture cartography and 3D modeling. UAS centre is here to help, support and assist the commercial drone operators as well as private persons interested in drones by organizing training, providing legal advice, arranging insurance etc.


[ Drone Hull & Liability insurance + Proffesional drone pilot course + FREE Set of Log books ]



Drone operator package is new service for Finnish commercial drone operators. Package combine together our best services for reasonable price. With drone operator package you can make safe business, enjoy flying and be covered.

Hull & Liability insurance. This  service will cover your assets and gives protection, if something goes wrong. Insurance type is similar to aircraft insurance.  Hull insurance can be divided to  flight and ground risk. If you know that you have a break in flight operations, you can have only hull ground insurance. Liability insurance is according to aviation regulations.

Pfoffesional  Drone pilot course is based on EASA regulation, which will come in force in two years. Thereafter all commercial pilots must have Drone Pilot license. The course takes 3-days, of which 2 days theory part is possibly to accomplish as online self-studying. In the end of the training an exam is held and 75% of the answers in exam must be correct. After passing the exam a certificate is given, as a proof of the studies and knowledge.

Theoretical part

•Aviation Regulations

•Air Navigation

•Airworthiness, Drone operation and maintenance, Flight manual



•Radio Equipment and GPS

•Risk Management

Practical part

•Studying piloting methods and flight operation (Preparing for flight, practicing flight operations and procedures, skill test)

The set of log books includes

Drone Maintenance log book to help you to keep record of all the maintenance and replacements done to your drone. You might need that in case of damage analysis or if you decide to sell your drone

Drone Pilot log book keeping a record of the dates, type of drone you have flown, the flight hours and routes is great evidence of your experience as a drone pilot.

Drone Flight book is the history book for you drone where all the flights, dates and flight hours are shown and it helps you to plan maintenance as well as is a advantage when selling the drone

-  If you are interested about Operator package please write email to info@uasfinland.eu and provide drone type.  -





RPAS Finland Association's purpose is to monitor general and common interests of the RPAS industry and the services of unmanned aircraft, to promote networking and the internationalization of its members and to improve the  overall operating conditions of the industry.

RPAS Finland is also acting as the main contact of the industry towards authorities and other parties related with the development of the industry. RPAS Finland will release  statements and proposals concerning the development of the UAS Industry and its regulations.